Artist's note

Sculptures or installations, I call my work « organic assemblies ». The visual language is simple: threads or surfaces, made from assemblies. The refinement of the material itself is at the centre of my thoughts.

The material is chosen for its beauty, ordinary yet remarkable, and for how it reminds us of life's fragility. Each piece is an attempt to make last the ephemeral. These pieces of reality are sometimes so fine, that my method consists of finding the right manner in which to exhibit them. This is the meaning of my method.

The work starts by collecting meticulously. The chosen materials are principally organic (vegetable or animal origins), or of mineral origin, products of an everyday nature, often urban. I am particularly fascinated by materials when they are translucent, shiny, fragile or with miniscule details.

The pleasure of manipulating these materials whilst observing them close-up creates a desire to exhibit them. Each meeting with a new material is a new challenge, the respect and the understanding of the material’s unique properties always allows us to go further than we would imagine. By a process of careful conservation, without addition of other matter, each of my works is an attempt to make last the ephemeral.

The ensemble of my work is a poetic take upon global environmental questions. The installation of my works invites the viewer to take the risk of approaching them in spite of their fragility. On one hand a minute and repetitive gesture gives a human scale to materials too small to be seen in our daily life. On the other hand, the installation of the piece in dialogue with its surroundings captures the attention of the viewer and incites them to look closely and identify the nature of the material used.

My goal is to bring a new regard to what we are too accustomed to seeing.